"My elderly next door neighbour needs a full-time carer urgently"

About: Plymouth / Plymouth Social Service

(as a friend),

My next door neighbour has very little memory and is usually highly confused, we've lived in our flat for the past 4 years and have noticed him wandering outside on many occasions usually in the freezing cold or blistering heat for anything from 2-10 hours! , recently this has been a daily occurrence, I've phoned emergency adult social care 4 times now and only just managed to get a hold of the code for a key safe on the side of his house to let him in, I let him into his house on a daily basis now.

He invited me in and I followed to make sure he was getting in ok, by the time we reached the top of the stairs...he'd forgotten why I was their and assumed I had been sent to help look for his glasses. What I saw in there honestly shocked me to the point of tears, I couldn't believe that someone who gets bi-weekly visits from a social worker could live in such a state, I don't blame his personal social worker...I'm sure she's doing all she can and that she cares for the people she visits.

I don't know if this is a common occurrence, something that she see's a lot but a 76 year old man shouldn't have to live in such a state. The kitchen is rotten..fly infested, his bedroom has no walkable space, no place to lie down and rest, his living room was not liveable and I didn't dare to venture into the bathroom.

My point is this, how can a man be deemed "able to look after himself" when his house isn't liveable, when he can't understand what is happening around him?

How can his house be like that for 3 years or more without anybody helping him....a professional care worker literally walks into that house every couple of weeks and yet nothing has happened

The part that worried me most...he pointed to a sheet of tablets and said "sweeties! ".

There were plenty of half smoked cigarettes dotted around the place and it's only a matter of time before he burns down the house, either smoking or trying to cook, or he'll get an infection from the poor living conditions and become extremely ill. Either way it's very serious that he gets help soon.

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