"Nissan fundoplication with hiatus hernia repair"

About: The James Cook University Hospital

I had hiatus hernia diagnosed around 15 years ago following a series of gastric reflux episodes occurring at night when I would wake up suddenly with acrid, burning fluid (presumably gastric acid) causing me to retch, cough and feel as if I was choking. Repeated swallowing didn't help, nor did anti-acid over-the-counter medications. My sleep was badly disrupted - often I would still be sitting up at 5.00 a.m. or so. I was started on Omeprazole, which worked well as long as I ate relatively early and avoided spicy foods in the evening. This went on for years with only very occasional "acid attacks", but three years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This together with on-going psychiatric medication, medication for an underactive thyroid, medication for restless limb syndrome meant that I was using a whole cocktail of medication. Whether this was the cause, I don't know, but the acid reflux came back and I felt the Omeprazole had stopped working, and then the restless legs (and occasionally arm as well) also started to bother me again. These two things were causing me really bad nights, leaving me feeling unrested and tired during the day. Despite trying various different medication for both conditions I seemed to be getting nowhere. Concurrently with all the above, I had been diagnosed with COPD - I had wheezing on slight exertion and coughing. Also I had repeated chest infections - usually beginning 2-3 days after having a bad "acid attack". This went on each Winter for 3 years, when I was having as many chest infections as one a month. I was convinced that the gagging, coughing and choking with this horrible acrid fluid in the back of my mouth and throat was causing some of the acid to get into my airways, causing irritation and leading to an infection.

I was referred to James Cook University Hospital where I was very well cared for by everyone concerned.

The consultant surgeon smiled at me, introduced themself, shook my hand and used my name.

They listened to my "story" and ordered a series of tests after which they would decide what to do. I felt I could trust them.

I was admitted for a fundoplication with hernia repair on Monday18th May. following which I was taken to Ward 7 for post-op. care.

Having worked at JCUH in the past, I had been aware of issues that patients had with hospital care so I was expecting to have some issues myself. I was very pleasantly surprised!

Cleanliness has improved enormously

Food seemed to be well received by other patients. When I was eventually able to have soup, what I had was really good, tasty and hot.

Nursing care was excellent - responsive and caring whilst being professional and business-like. I felt well-looked after.

Now discharged, my breathing has improved, I don't wheeze, I've had no chest infections, very few "acid attacks", some regurgitation, with indigestion which responds to antacids. I can walk.at my normal pace, go for longer walks with family - a totally satisfied customer!

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