Although I must say, it is an improvement on the Lambeth Hospital. It really is not good. My Son has been a Patient for two different stays this Year. If you visit at the Weekend, the Toilets are extremely unhygienic and look as if they have not been cleaned for a Month, the rest of the Hospital, is a nice Layout, lovely little Cafe area, seems to have lots of Staff everywhere, walking around, in every part of the Hospital and a nice atmosphere. It has pleasant, peaceful grounds. I had to bring up a matter with one Ward, regarding my Son going missing and asked for this to be looked into, I made a Written Statement regarding this to the Ward, concerned, this was back in July, they have still not replied to me! This really is a disgrace.

I only wanted the CCTV Cameras to be looked at, did not expect it to take over two months and for not one member of Staff, to have the manners just to reply to my concerns and give me the answers to a couple of questions, not a lot to ask!

Story from NHS Choices

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