"Lack of care and misdiagnosis."

About: Colchester General Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

Went to a&e as I injured my foot playing football with my son, the whole of my foot was very swollen but was sent home after an x-ray the nurse telling me it's just bruised, over the next 2-3 days my foot got worse and worse to the point I was bed bound! My foot at this point was even more swollen but now had a huge lump on the top of my foot, anyhow ended up back in a&e.

it's a bit hazy as the pain was to much to bare, after waiting in a&e for an hour, I got called in as I was in so much pain. I demanded pain relief, after begging they gave me pain relief and within 20 minutes the pain had finally died down.

After 3 days, when the doctor finally came to see me I said, that's an abscess on my foot please remove it, but his reply was no its cellulitis and drew all around the area, by this time I was just relived the pain had stopped and was getting sorted.

I was transferred to a ward and as I was staying. I rung my partner and told her to drop me some stuff, which wasn't easy as having two kids needed someone to keep eyes on them while my partner dropped me the bits off. anyhow it all got sorted and she came to see me in the eau unit. Around 8. 30pm a doctor came to my bed and to my shock said I could go home with some tablets saying it should heal just to keep my foot up! Baffled I rang my partner and told her. Now as I'm on morphine and have been in constant pain for 3 days and am shattered, I just wanted my bed so got a cab home. Once home jumped straight into bed and fell asleep but not for long as 3 am came and was in the worse pain I have ever felt, my partner gave me some pain killer that the hospital gave me but done nothing so took more & more. My partner was crying as she could see the pain I was in, so my partner said that's it and rung an ambulance to get me up the hospital as not only my foot is killing me the lump on the top of my foot burst. My partner explained to the person on the phone that she needs an ambulance and told them the story but they were refusing to send one, saying the hospital sent me home and i must follow there advice and keep your foot up, by this time the pain is so bad I'm on the bed crying, so now I'm bed bound with the worse pain I've ever felt and can't do anything as the pain is too much.

I needed an ambulance and done something silly. I told the person on the phone I've taken loads of pills and feel strange and of course the ambulance turns up and from what my partner said to me is, as soon as they walked in and looked at my foot said I had an abscess, what i had told the doctor, but instead I was misdiagnosed and they said I had cellulitis, anyhow once the ambulance staff gave me pain relief I went to hospital.

The following day I had an operation to remove the abscess on the top of my foot. I have been left with no feeling on the top my foot, lucky I took pictures and videos of everything and are now in the hand of my solicitor as colchester hospital sent me home twice. I understand the first time, but the second anyone with half a brain could see my problem was an abscess not cellulitis..

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