"Absolutely disgusting.. Please read!"

About: Lincoln County Hospital

First of all I am making a complaint against the maternity part of the hospital, there's so many ways I and my partner are disgusted in, the room my partner was given had dust all over, my partner went in to labour at 3am. We called the maternity suit at 10am and they said to ask someone to bring us down (1 hour drive) so we did eventually get someone to bring us. We arrived roughly 11am and they examined my partner they said she was 2-3cm dilated and to go home until she was atleast 4cm. So we set off home. On the way home she got worse, she was under so much agonising pain so we turned back to the hospital, explained and how far a drive away we was. They looked at her again and said no go home because they won't class it as actual labour till she's 4cm. So we headed back home. By roughly 3pm we got worried about her the pain she was under was horrible so we called a ambulance. The ambulance arrived checked her and called the materinity suit. There reply was bring her in then but we shouldn't be ringing for a ambulance to take us! Anyway we got back to the hospital for the third time, my partner had a second examination and upon this her waters went, the nurse said she's 6cm dialated and to go back home because she's still got a bit to go? So after a small dispute we headed back home again. We got home and roughly 6pm she couldn't take the pain any longer. So we called another ambulance, they arrived and gave her some gas and air, they took us back to the hospital, when we arrived we asked for a examination but they refused, said to wait a couple of hours.. They came back in the room and said to go home and try get some sleep. I told them my partner must be nearly 7cm dialated now, it's a hour drive she's in agony! They recommended to go back home and take some paracetamol and try get some sleep. After a hour dispute another nurse came in and said they would transfer her to the labour ward. She got transfered.. They examined her again and said she's 8cm and it's large baby. Anyway the time come and it was ready to push, the head was there but wouldn't come out. After 25 minutes of trying and with the baby heart beat dropping they called emergency team in. And when I say litualy I mean they litualy walked in with a big pair of scissors. And cut my partner straight down from under her vagina. With no pain releaf nothing, anyway she eventually pushed the baby out and someone came in to stich her up. The registar or manager whatever was lovely walked in with their eyes filling up but shaking their head said "you should of been booked in for a c-section, the nurses should have clearly known you would of never pushed this baby out ever you've Done so well but also gone through all that pain for nothing" my partners face droped. Birth should be a amazing time. This wasn't. It was a traumatising time, my eyes fill up as I type this down

I know labour is a painful time but the agonising pain my partner went through was unreal. I'm appauled!!!

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Response from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Dear Anonymous,

We are extremely sorry to hear this account of you and your partner’s experience, you are obviously very traumatised.

We would like the opportunity to address the issues raised in order to prevent any other couple feeling the same way and to ensure that if we have failed you as a couple we make appropriate changes to our systems and processes.

In order to do so we need to investigate further and would urge you or your partner to contact the PALS team on 01522 707071, or via e-mail at pals@ulh.nhs.uk, so that the most appropriate manager can investigate and then contact you directly.


Fran Gregory,

Matron for Maternity Inpatients and Gynaecology