(as the patient),

I was referred by my GP to the Southern for suspected nerve damage to right hand in Jan 2015, was seen by a doctor in April 2015 and was told I had lost grip and power in my right hand, I was then referred for a nerve conduction test, Since my visit in April, I received a flare up of symptoms which have never really subsided. I have been off work since my flare up in April, I eventually got my nerve conduction test in july with some pushing from my Gp, my test results are in but I have never been made a follow up appointment. I am still experiencing pain and also discolouration of my hand with poor circulation, I find this very concerning and I have been unable to return to work as I am a data entry clerk for fear of making my symptoms worse. I have had no guidance from a consultant as to what I can do and I am managing my symptoms myself not knowing if I am doing the correct thing. I understand that the NHS is extremely busy, but I am angry at the lack of care and information that I have received. This system is not working.

Katrina McNeil


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