"little compassion for patient in a&e!"

About: King's Mill Hospital

My husband suffers from heart failure, a relatively new condition which we are still trying to understand. He had been having severe ankle and foot pain ( with no trauma to it)with swelling that even after home care wasn't getting better. My husband is also very reluctant to seek medical advice and so when he read his heart literature and it said some patients suffer blood clots in their legs he became worried and asked to go to a&e this in itself worried me. On arrival we were spoken kindly to by the receptionist, gave our details and asked to waitn. After a small wait we were seen by an extremely rude and condescending nurse. My husband tried to outline his condition before telling the nurse his problem and had only got one sentence out before he was rudely interrupted and asked...but that's not what you've come in for is it? After explaining his ankle problem and then his worry of blood clot he was told that his ankle wasn't even swollen and when my husband asked the nurse why they thought his problem wasn't heart related the nurse answered ....because I think so! at the end the nurse asked my husband if he wanted pain relief and my husband explained he couldn't have ibuprofen and before he could continue the nurse snapped that they were not offering him that. I have to say I have never been so angry or upset that my husband's worries were made to feel silly and there were no kind reassurance at all, just rudeness. After being asked to wait to see a doctor my husband was so affected by the nurses comments he wanted to go home without any further treatment. He felt like a nuisance and that he shouldn't have been there for just a hurt ankle. So instead of coming home feeling reassured and calm, we returned upset and my husband is still in pain. He is waiting now to see his trusty GP who no matter how busy the doctor is always treats their patients with the utmost respect and concern. I will not be returning to kings mill ever!

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