"Last October"

I stayed here last October when I was 18

The facilities were modern and clean, except for the toilets which were dirty

Most of the staff didn't bother making any eye contact with me when they talked to me

They wouldn't engage in proper conversation, just said 'speak to this person', then that person said 'speak to this person' etc. etc.

I know they are busy

But when they treated me like that I didn't even feel like a human being

To them I was just a case, not a person

They changed their minds three times when deciding if I could leave or not

So I got my hopes up, then I was devastated. I got my hopes up again, I was devastated again etc.

I think this was unprofessional, and as another patient put it, borderline cruel

The psychiatrist told me they didn't want to let me out because if I killed myself they would get bad press

All they seem to do is lock you up til you can convince them you're not going to kill yourself

They don't actually help in any way

I was at the lowest of the low when I went in, with the belief that I didn't matter to anyone

Most of the staff confirmed that belief

I have never felt so alone in my life

If you're not crazy when you go in, you will be when you come out

Story from NHS Choices

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