About: Wythenshawe Hospital

I had major risk reducing surgery due to having a faulty BRCA 1 gene back in early July of this year at this hospital.

This surgery was major and involved a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, I had to carry two drains on either side connected to bottles. I was put in Urology instead of the breast ward, I was quite shocked when I was wheeled into the ward to see a printed sign saying "Plastics".

It was a terrible experience, I was left with no choice but to use the bathroom in agony, with no sympathy from the nurses on the night shift. After this event I no longer felt comfortable staying in that ward, I was very distressed and had to listen to a nurse telling me to "Think of the patients", even though I was one and was receiving poor treatment.

I had just had enough, a nurse told me and a family member on the phone that if I could handle the drains and the pain I could go home. I was then left to get dressed with no aid as I tried to leave. I asked if someone could help me with my bags and was refused, so I had to leave my belongings there. The nurse even refused to remove the plastic needle in my hand and only took it out when I tried to pull it out myself.

I then left, trying to find my way out of the hospital, even though I had only had the surgery the day before. On my way out of the ward I was followed by some of the staff from urology, they claimed I had a catheter in, which they knew I didn't.

I was then stopped by another member of staff as I headed further down the hospital, at first I panicked as I thought the member of staff wouldn't help me too. I asked them to help me get to an entrance which they did. After having a taxi demand money up front, which I didn't have, I realised I had no choice but to stay, the member of staff who had helped me get to the entrance offered help. After waiting for nearly an hour desperately trying to get home, I saw them still stood outside making sure I was okay. They also had other members of staff with them then who were just as concerned. Something clicked and I realised they wouldn't still be there if they didn't want to help. I walked up to the member of staff and asked them for help and I cannot thank them enough, not only did they take the time to listen and apologise, even though it was not their fault, they made sure I was put in an entirely different ward and picked up my belongings and brought them to me.

In the other ward I was able to relax, the nurses both day and night were amazing.

I did put in a formal complaint, unfortunately the results were not what I was hoping for. There were claims that the nurses in Urology tried to convince me to stay and no mention of what the nurse actually said. And my family definitely did not agree as said in the letter.

Overall this has left me shocked, I will definitely research any future hospital stays.

Story from NHS Choices

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