"lack of fetal movement"

About: Hull Royal Infirmary / Maternity

(as the patient),

Recently I had rang the community midwifes at around 7: 30, they advised me to attend the hospital thought the area I needed to be didn't open until 8: 30. she told me if I was there early I could go to the maple ward. Some weeks ago I had previously been to the outpatients for the same thing, I had my urine checked and BP and listened for the heart beat. All was Ok.

When I arrived at the Maple ward around 8: 10 I wasnt sure whether id be seen then but assumed I would have the same tests done. when I arrived at reception their was a lady there in front of me, who was upset, their for the same thing. I notes were taken and we were shown to the waiting room. We were offered toast and tea whilst we waiting which was nice.

A short time a lady entered asking if we were their due to lack of movement, she asked us both to follow her. At this stage I wasnt aware of what was to happen and no discussion or re assurance was given by the, I assume, midwife. the midwife went to enter a room, then came out, we followed her past the reception were she collected some sheets, still no communication and entered a ward. Neither me nor the other lady knew what was happened, we stood at the doorway of a 6 bedded ward, the first 4 taken already with the curtains closed. the midwife proceed to make the bed. she told the first lady to take a seat, spoke to her for a few minutes whilst I stood waiting, then asked me to take a seat in the other bed. we were then both left, again not discussed on what was happening and no reassurance. I closed my curtain, and I could hear the midwife re appear with what was a heart rate monitor taking to the lady who came before me. when it was my turn the lady made brief discussion asking me to lay on the bed and lift my top up. I had to ask what she was doing and how long I would be their for. my reason for complaining was the lack of communication and empathy but also the privacy. Their were other ladies in this ward however I was more concerned for myself and the lady before that if either of us couldn't pick up a heart beat and the other had, we could hear it and that would have been rather distressing. thankfully for us both we were fine. I would have asked to speak with a manager once I was allowed to leave but I had already been there over 11/2hrs (not their fault) but I was stressed about getting back to work.

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