"Ward staff excellent - others not so good"

About: Royal United Hospital

I recently had two separate stays in hospita. The first was with an undiagnosed stroke but the drs thought it was just a migraine even though they were told repeatedly by my family that it was not a normal migraine we were ignored even though they were told I have been getting migraine for 43 years & know what a normal migraine is like, I was patronised then ignored again, when I went back to a different department a few days later and a stroke was then diagnosed. I have had several tests & have more to go but I have not once been asked how I feel about having them nor have the drs discussed them with me & when I ask for the results of the tests I am told inconclusive-when I have had various scans etc the staff have told me to remove clothing in the corner of the room & then stood there watching me expecting me to undress in front of them. I had a test recently which involved undressing down to my waist the nurse stood in front of me again expecting me to undress in front of them, I would not & explained that I was very stressed & needed to be covered at all times as I have repeatedly told staff. And not for the first time I was ignored at first & the nurse tried to lift my gown exposing my breasts, I had to get very irate about it & still they did not respect my right to be covered, I have been repeatedly told... I do this every day...my response is- you do but I do not! Hospital stays & tests of any kind are extremely stressful for patients- they do not need to be ignored & patronised too! Telling a patient that you do this every day & ignoring their pleas for privacy just shows the staff do not care & have no respect or consideration for patients mental or emotional needs - if the staff do not care, how am I supposed to trust them? Having said that I am very very grateful for the care & help I had at the hospital & it was only a few staff members that I found difficult & uncaring. The ward staff -all of them - were absolutely wonderful, but I am not looking forward to the rest of my tests. On the whole the hospital & staff are amazing & I truly am grateful for their help, but please talk to your patients it helps to calm them if they know what's going on & respect their need for privacy - I have to say that although I have no memory of A & E my daughter told me how wonderful & amazing they were so a big big thank you to them & the paramedics who took me to hospital in the ambulance

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