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About: South Tyneside District Hospital

My first was born April 2013 and the appointments etc and care was fantastic on the lead up to me giving birth. However... i am pregnant with my 2nd now and my experiences so far with appointments at the anti natal clinic have been aweful to say the least. The scan appointments have been smooth however i have an under active thyroid. I have to attend appointments which mainly seem to be wednesdays. My first appointment i was at the hospital well over an hour approaching 2 and i could hear the staff behind the rooms raising there voices about why people had been booked to come in and shouldnt have whilst i was sat waiting to be seen in one of the rooms. The 2nd time i was in i was in for over 2 hours again i was took into a room and was told someone would be with me soon again i can hear the staff raising discussing why had i come in?! After a few moments a member of staff came in sat down and started asking me questions which made no sense to me. I knew that also on a wednesday they have a diabetic clinic and i said to them im not a diabetic which they responded 'oh that makes sense of why i cant find ur details what r u here for' when i did get seen i was in and out within minutes. I left furious and concerned that i may now not have any confidence in the hospital and began to think about moving hospitals i will discuss this with my midwife. Within a week of this i get a parking fine for the day i was in over 2 hours. I appealed it as it was not something on my mind at the time to top up my ticket time. My appeal was declined i had to pay! My last wednesday visit... quicker i must say but i did leave upset. Again i was seen by a doctor who said to me 'to be honest, i dont know why your hear!?' I was amazed u give me the appointments and i come. I explained my thyroid and they said the consultant will see u shortly. The consultant came in and said my levels were very low. And asked if i miss taking my pills. I explained maybe the odd day but not often. They began to lecuture me on the importance on taking my pills as it can cause a miscarriage! I was stunned i said it is not very often at all im very goof but my days can get hectic some times so i might 4get. I asked how low they had got to whivh they responded it doesnt matter we are uncreasing your prescription. They left the room and come back with a new blood form and asked if i had my next appointment slip. I said i didnt have one and then they argued with me that they had given it to me. After they finally got that i didnt have it they walked out of the room and come back with it saying they had left it in another room. So... needless to say i have never ever experienced anything like this in my life very unhappy and not confident this time round at all

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