"Awful treatment disgusted with NHS care"

About: Frimley Park Hospital (Frimley)

i have been suffering with abdominal pain, bleeding, discomfort for over a year. I was first admitted to A&E last summer with bleeding and excruciating pain. I was kept there for 9 hours before being examined and admitted to the surgical ward at around 1am. A surgeon on call came to see me felt my tummy and sent me home with strong antibiotics to treat post surgery infections. I have continued with pain managed daily by taking a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen every 3 hours. I have continued to have pain sometimes unbearable, bleeding, swelling of my stomach, sickness and being unable to eat more than a sandwich a day. I was referred for laparoscopic surgery after 2 scans, abnormal cervical liaisons. I was told this would be a 4 week wait. 6 weeks later I called after hearing nothing. I was told it would be a further 6-8weeks before I could have a consultant appointment. Therefore in desperation agreed to see the consultants SHO. I saw them today and was met by a doctor with no bed side manner, poor language and pronunciation skills, and unable to answer basic questions. They called me by my last name. Not Ms .... Or my first name to put me at ease but just my last name. While I was undressing and redressing they walked in and out of the curtain exposing me to the rest of the room. I was referred following a scan and as they were was unable to find the scan results they reported I had to have another one. They told me I had abnormal bleeding, abnormal cervix, abnormal pain and when I asked what that meant they simply said "not right." I was told I needed a smear test but needed to book one with my GP. although the other Dr present reported it could be done now. Swabs were taken for STI's despite having had these same tests 3 times already and them being negative each time! I was told to book a scan for next week and return the following week to see them. When I went to book the scan I was told it would be 6 weeks I explained the Dr just told me to book for next week. They told me I needed to go back and get this written on the form. I did this and the receptionist went back to the dr and returned saying they say it's not urgent! Meaning I was unable to book a further gynaecological appointment with them. I went back to the scan department who told me they would write to me when they had a date. All in all poor service, poor care, and poor communication. I am now being left once again to suffer on and told to continue with the constant use of pain relief. Which in itself causes nasty side effects such as ulcers, migraines. Bleeding and taking folic acid to combat iron deficiency.

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