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(as a staff member posting for a carer/relative),

"My relative was not in a ward & was in a single room on their own. They were not given a formal letter of discharge while I was with them. I don't know how long my relative was left in the day room waiting to be discharged as I had to go home, but I was with them for over an hour. The complaint I sent to the hospital was not classed by them as a formal letter of complaint because the hospital said they needed my relatives written consent to contact me about their stay in the hospital, so they would not discuss their discharge with me. I wrote back and stated it was a letter off me about patients being put into a day room to be discharged, which I said was wrong, because I reckoned patients should be still getting looked after medically especially after just having life threatening health issues.

In the day room there is nothing for the patients being discharged, no Medical staff on hand for the patients being discharged, no emergency bell pull or any way to summon any Medical staff should one of the patients have a relapse, heart attack etc, patients are just left on there own which could be for hours. While I was there in the day room I got chatting to a person who was sitting there, they looked rather worried, I asked them was they okay and could I do anything, they said not really I am waiting to be discharged and I have been waiting on my own since 9am in here and nobody from the Medical staff or any of the staff in the hospital has been in the day room to see how I am, they said they were just put them in the dayroom on their own and just left to wait, they told me that at 11. 30am they had soup but until then they had been left on their own in the day room for 2 and a half hours, I was just grateful that they hadn't had a relapse, because If they had they would have been all on their own.

My relative had not changed out of their nightwear while I was with them and I never seen or heard any of the staff offering a private place to change. A room was not offered to my relative to discuss their hospital issues in Private, no patient confidentiality at all.

My relative was on Birch Ward".

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