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Following up a review I left on 23th June. The Head of communication emailed me and I accepted their offer to get the doctor's PA to call me. I was very pleased that despite the appointment service telling me the earliest appointment I could get with him was in Sept, that they managed to "find" one 3 days later on the 1st of July 2015. My 17-year-old daughter is in the middle of her A-levels and so far has spent 7 months with what was diagnosed at the first neurology appointment, 4 months after first seeing our GP, as a chronic migraine and suffers with this and the debilitating side effects daily, making it impossible for her to attend college or live anywhere near a normal life. She has now seen 2 neurologists at Colchester and both follow-up letters do not correspond with what was said at the appointments, At the first one we were told she would be given another appt in 3 months and the letter confirms this. However, it transpired that we were left with an open appointment to call back if we needed another one. All very well if the treatment worked, or they answered the phone, but she should not then have to wait what would have been 5 months between appointment suffering daily! Having left daily messages on the neurology departments answer phone (they have not picked it up once in the 14 times I have called them) It turns out I only got a call back after leaving a review here. On her second appointment, that magically appeared 3 days later, she was prescribed another drug to take and the doctor said they were so confident it would give her some relief in 10 days and work that they would not be making another appointment but we can call their secretary if we needed to. I took this to mean they had an open appointment. When the follow-up letter arrived 2weeks later, it states the doctor has discharged her! My daughter got no relief from the drug prescribed and to get another appointment now the GP will have to refer her again, which would be in potentially 4 months. Yet again I have been leaving messages on the neurology answerphone and yet again they have ignored me! In the meantime, my daughter is just as sick as she was 7 months ago, and the only one who can "fix" her has no interest in doing so on the basis they discharged her without even waiting to see if the treatment worked. How is this justifiable? I am astounded at the service she has received from this department and left with no answer as what to do next. I am sure the Head of communications will comment soon and email me again, but I should have access to the departments as offered rather than leave comments on here before anyone is willing to speak to me! Meanwhile, my daughter suffers daily, what is a disabling condition!

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