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My dad was rushed to Southport A and E on Saturday 11th July he was unconscious after being discharged from ward 15a where he had been treated for a water infection leading to a prior visit to A and E re falling and cutting his head. As his memory is poor and he is unable to make decisions properly he will say he's not hungry so we saw sandwiches left untouched by him. I don't think staff are encouraging dementia type patients to hydrate other than verbally of which he does not remember. I'm very demoralised by this and present continuing service at this hospital. He had a catheter fitted a a doctor last Saturday not strapped to leg and just a night bag we no nothing about catheters so by the time a district nurse came 4 days later she was furious stating day n night bags should have been issued and a package of care for him at 90 before he left hospital for which he is now back in in ward 9b. My mother has seen the sister in charge for this ward and has had a communication from social services now but we are a little bit in the dark re xray results and when a package of care will be arranged. I think it is highly important that while he is there staff encourage food and drink and assist with proper menu planning as he can't decide and he needs an on ward memory assessment for his illness whether it's short term memory dementia or something else am worried sick. Last night whilst we were there he was left in his chair and all other patients had been put to bed....we had left for something to eat after we did get to plan his menu and by which time at 7pm now we got to restaurant and it was closed so we had nothing to eat my Mums 86 and has medical issues too. My dad gas osteoporosis, diabetes 2, memory issues, can't walk well, has cataracts, has neuralgia in his face, has inhalers, etc etc I only saw one health care assistant on duty last night where I have seen 2 usually working! I do hope this time we get a package if care sorted prior to discharge, a memory test assessment on ward, physio rehabilitation, advice, and verbal feedback regarding to xray, blood and urine tests. My mum goes in every day to feed my dad. She's exhausted and her blood pressure is high at present but she won't stop. I'm helping too and I have Fibromyalgia and ME so we are struggling and I also think my mum would benefit from a carers assessment which as an ex social services employee I think she should have been offered this by the social worker. help!!!!!! Poor dad fought in World War 2 for this country before they introduced a national health service he's paud into it all his life, he's an educated man a doctor and he deserves more care. Daughter M Hesketh re Dr George Hawkes ward 9b now.....staff on this ward have been better than wards 10a and 15a. My father is from Ormskirk.

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Thank you for telling us about your concerns. We will need more information to conduct a thorough investigation. Please contact our Customer Service Department team at soh-tr.complaints@nhs.net or telephone 01704 704958 between 10am and 4pm, weekdays. You may leave a message at all other times.

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