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I had a fall at the end of May and consequently visited A&E. I saw a nurse practitioner who was nice and ordered an xray of my shoulder. This showed no breakage so I was advised on dealing with a sprained shoulder. My son a 3rd year med student in S Wales was disappointed that I had not had my wrist xrayed due to the nature of the fall down 2 steps onto brick paving with arms outstretched to break my fall. Two weeks later after much discomfort, a phone call with my doctor who then saw me, they sent me for more xrays, who then sent me to A&E, again I saw another nurse practitioner, this nurse looked at the xrays and couldn't decide so I had to make an appointment for the Fracture Clinic. They gave me a thumbless splint. Two weeks later when I attended this Clinic I had more xrays then the Consultant, a charming person who did their best to explain it all, sent me with a thumb supported splint for a CT scan at Newark. A week later I went to Newark. I have mobility issues but the staff at the CT Clinic were marvellous and made it as easy as possible and sent me back to Fracture Clinic a week later. Apparently the scafoid bone they thought in question wasn't fractured but 2 other bones in my wrist were, but they said they were not to worry about, however they sent me to the hand specialists in Clinic 10. I went straight there and I was seen almost immediately. The member of staff here was marvellous, examined my hand and as they had no direction from the Consultant, devised exercises to relax the muscles in my hand and wrist and also help me to decrease the swelling I still had. They fitted me in for an appointment for the following day to fit in with an appointment my husband had. The following day they examined again and made me a plastic personal splint. All this was done with my 15 month old Grandson 'helping'! They even occupied him with games and wouldn't let me pick up after him, bless. This member of staff was never flustered with dealing me, no instruction from the Consultant, fitting me in when they already had a full clinic, being so kind and having me back again to check progress, move me on to gentle strengthening exercises and a soft wrist splint. I now have an open appointment till the end of August. So after being rather disgruntled at not seeing a Doctor for the first 4 weeks, my spirits were lifted by the staff in the CT Clinic at Newark and my faith in King's Mill completely restored by the very lovely and capable member of staff in the hand clinic. Thank you to all those who helped me on this occasion. Yours most sincerely Suzanne Calladine

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