"Discharged without information"

About: London Ambulance Service NHS Trust St Thomas' Hospital / Antenatal clinic

(as the patient),

I would like to share my experience as it was traumatic for me!

One night around 2 AM I noticed that I was bleeding fact which was very concerning for me being pregnant in 13 weeks. Was a vaginal bleeding so my husband decided to call 999. After calling them they mentioned that the ambulance it will be a bit late and we need to wait. After an hour they called us back saying that no ambulance is available so we went by car ( in all this time I was in pain and bleeding).

Arrived to A& E at 3. 20 AM and placed in a cubic for 2 hours time as no doctor was free to attend me as per the nurses which were giving me Paracetamol. Finally a doctor arrived and she mentioned not to worry about as the bleeding is not severe and I need to wait until the gynevology ward it is open as I need to be tranfered there. Was 5: 30 AM and the gynevology ward it wasn t open until 8: 30.

At 7. 20 the same doctor suggested me that is better to go at EPAGU ward and wait there. My husband put me in a chair and transported me there as no assistance has been offered from A & E. I arrived to EPAGU WARD and door was closed and we rang the bell as a member of staff was at the desk. She was very rude and she mentioned that it is to early even though she saw that I had the hospital gown and I was comming from A& E. At 9 AM I was tranfered in a bed waiting on the corridor for 1 hour and 30 min. At 2: 00 PM a doctor comed to see me and they put me under treatment and I was told that I need to stay overnight.

In the morning I was seen by 3 doctors and they were telling me that it is a mystery that I am bleeding and I am in pain as the blood tests are perfect. I was discharged whithout any explanation and they told me if the bleeding it will be worst to return( to be mentioned that I was still having pain and stains of blood on my underwear). Being worried and shocked by the answer my husband made an appointment to a private gynecologist for the second day. I have been seen and very well attended and I was dignosed with placenta previa which can be detected only at the internal scan.

I hope that my story will help the staff to be more focused on peoples needs as we are not comming in the hospital for fun. It is my first pregnancy and I am 30 years old and I have all the reasons in the world to be worried as false smiles and nice words won t help me. I was reading everything about pregnancy includin risks and I can tell that a lot of doctors are without experience and they need to learn and read more as the nurses were more efficient than the doctors which is a shame.

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