"Delay for day surgery for more than 14 weeks ( against committed 12 weeks)"

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(as a relative),

Good Day,

My wife ( XXXXX) has been suffering from biliary colic since November 2014. Finally she was diagnosed to have Gallstone and she was added in General surgery waiting list. A letter was received on 01 Apr 2015 confirming that she has been added to the General Surgery waiting list & Under the Patients's rights (Scotland) Act 2011, there is a guarantee to be admitted for treatment within 12 weeks, that is on or before the 24/06/2015.

Pre-assessment was done at Southern General Hospital.

She has visited surgery with acute pain many times and was given pain killer without further action. I have taken her once in emergency at night due to acute Biliary colic. but nothing has been done so far.

Under the Patients's rights (Scotland) Act 2011, there is a guarantee to be admitted for treatment within 12 weeks and that has passed on 24 June 2015.

That was supposed to be maximum waiting time and sooner may be called in. We have also told our urgency during pre-assessment as well every call at local medical center (Clarkston Medical) that any time my wife will be ready for the surgery.

I have tried to call phone number provided in the letter to contact (01412015781) for last few days but surprisingly no body is picking the phone or there to receive the call.

I can't believe how this can happen in a country where tax payers are paying to get service and even under the Patients's rights (Scotland) Act 2011, you could not guarantee the treatment. We have contacted GP many times and they could not provide any answer to our query.

We would like to know whether there is real commitment in this case or there has been some other reasons (? ? ) to delay this.

Waiting to hear from you.

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Update posted by sharah (a relative)

After all these trouble and sufferings, my wife was given a date for Surgery this week and a pre-assessment was carried out last week. However, operation was cancelled yesterday noon time (when we are to depart home for the operation) as the blood report for lever function was not good. Anyway Consultant met us in the hospital and briefed us why the operation was cancelled.

Consultant is now requiring the patient to go through MRI scan and based on MRI scan report next step will be decided. He suspect gall stone(s) has moved to bile duct and obstructing it. MRI scan is required to identify this. Consultant is waiting for NHS approval to either carry out at the Hospital or NHS to provide appointment. Then he can proceed to carry out the operation.

This has come to such a situation now. She has been suffering since last October and after all these days(about 9 months), not much was done. This has come to such point now where gall stone(s) moved to bile duct. Pre-assessment was done in Last April and nothing was observed.

The risk associated with this for longer period is must be known to all. This has been going on for last 9 months and finally on 9th April, it was decided for a surgery. If the blockage remains untreated for a long period of time, it can lead to life-threatening diseases of the liver. One of cousin had same and it damaged his liver finally.

I am really getting concerned with the type of treatment NHS is providing and follow up being carried out. All the timeline of NHS even for Scotland has passed. I would rather consider that this situation has developed due to failure of NHS treatment and any future consequences will affect NHS reputation/commitment.