"Annoyed parents"

About: Wythenshawe Hospital

We took our daughter into starlight at 07:30 on Thursday morning for an operation and shortly after the anaesthetist arrived in a good mood and asked a few questions. Talking about how they were going to put her to sleep, she asked about using a balloon to blow up which is done through a mask that sends them to sleep. My partner explicitly said she wouldn't like it and was happy just to have the needle in her hand instead. This was agreed and both my daughter and partner were happy to go ahead with. When we got called to go for the surgery my daughter got very upset but was calm when she entered the room and lay on the bed. The anaesthetist then decided to completely ignore our wishes and put the mask over my daughters face which she was not happy about and started kicking out. The anaesthetist then grabbed her by her head and forced the mask over her face to send her to sleep. She was kicking and screaming til she finally fall asleep. When my partner confronted her about doing this and making her so upset, they said it was because my partner was upset. Funny thing is though no one was upset until the anaesthetist decided to go against my daughter's and her mum's wishes. I think the anaesthetist was very unprofessional and shouldn't really be working with children who they can do this to with ease. I would recommend anyone who is going to be having there child operated on make sure they don't mind being ignore by the anaesthetist. On the other side of the visit to the hospital everyone on the starlight ward was really helpful, patient and informative from the start of the longest day ever (lol) to us leaving and going home and can't say enough good words for them. Just a shame one person with clear power issues ruined it for us all.

Story from NHS Choices

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