"Ruptured patella tendon"

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(as the patient),

Injured knee off shift at work on the 5th April 2015. Unable to get home from offshore for a few days so laid up resting using the RICE method prescribed by the onboard medic. Arrived home on the 10th and on the 11th saw an out of ours doctor who sent me straight to A& E at Lancaster royal infirmary.

Saw nurse who said it could be a torn ACL and was sent off to X-ray. Returned and given an appointment to orthopaedic outpatients following Tuesday.

Saw specialist in the orthopaedic out patients who examined myself and the x-Ray and suggested an MRI SCAN to further investigate the knee. Was sent home to wait which he said could have been up to 4 weeks away.

Relieved MRI scan date for Thursday 30th April now 4 weeks after the initial surgery and attended then told to wait for next appointment in post.

Zero hour contract so forced to return to work in pain wearing a store bought knee support for two weeks. Returned home on the 15th may to find letter to see orthopaedic specialist on the 18th of June. Yes over a month away.

Went back to A&E on the 17th of May in pain with extreme swelling and bruising of the knee. Again sent to X-ray. Nurse showed me X-ray with the patella sitting on top of my leg way out of place. Sent home again in extreme pain and inability to walk unaided to wait for the June appointment

Attempted to return to work on the 29th may but was returned home a week early due to extreme pain on the 6th June.

Spent next week and a half in extreme pain so attended my GP on the 15th June with regards to the extreme pain, sleep loss attributed to living with this disabling injury.

He looked at records on computer and looked over the scan results which had been written up just several days after the scan back in May. The results concluded that both ACL and PCL ligaments were intact and infact was a torn patella tendon. To which he explained the injury and how it should be treated as close to the injury as possible to reduce complications.

Attended clinic on the 18th June to see a consultant. Sat in the clinic only to be told I wasn't his patient and shouldn't be there to see him. He contacted the correct specialist then came back into the room where he began with an apology that this shouldn't have been mishandled and left so long by my specialist and I should have been attended to on analysis of my MRI scan back in early May.

I was immediately admitted to a ward to await surgery. On the following Friday evening I was operated on and spent the evening in hospital. Saturday morning I asked if the doctor was coming to see me and was told yes later on when they do their rounds. No doctor seen Saturday. Sunday same conversation no specialist seen. Saw physio Sunday morning who explained the possible complications due to delayed surgery.

Monday same conversation no doctor seen. I was fitted with a full leg cast and discharged still no doctor seen and told sick note would be posted out due to lack of time.

So I have no idea of how the surgery went or any other information. Plus still waiting 9 days later no sick note so I had to make painful journey to GP to acquire the note myself.

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