"Poor treatment and lack of compassion"

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(as a carer),

y wife came in at 7. 30 am for her procedure. I assisted her. we waited from 7. 30 upto 9pm in the cubical in 2 chairs for the surgeon to come and tell us it will be about 3pm before surgery and she will have to probably stay in after surgery which I felt was correct anyway we prepared ourselves for the long wait.

I asked is there any comfortable chairs for my wife as she was in discomfort. there was a bed across in the opposite cubical I suggested to a head nurse to assist us in getting a comfy chair. she immediately said we will try and get a bed for you. I said for her to see the chair and bed so I suggested I get the chair for wife she said go on so I moved it from cubical. wife sat for 5 minutes young nurse said why don't you move over to the bed. my thoughts exactly again. in 5 minutes wife went to toilet then a porter came asking for her then a nurse then a senior nurse. my wife wasn't prepared. she came back from the toilet and she was rushed to get ready. the porter came back saying is she ready I said slow down. He asked could she walk to theatre I said no she needs to calm down she recently underwent major surgery. she needs a chair at least. he went off then back again rushing her. again I told him again slow down where's the fire. he took her to the entrance to the theatre where a nurse waited and said to him to wait. as he was getting a bed for my wife he rushed in. my wife said the nurse asked him why did he not wait what was the rush. he argued that he was a busy man, unbelievable.

then I was told to ring up at 2 the nurse said come in at 4 to see her. I went in my wife was very tired and in a lot of pain again. I was told she will go home today. I wondered how I got a call off wife to come and get her. They really wanted her out. when I collected her she was in a lot of discomfort. I could see they wanted her out. The staff member was more interested in her signing papers to agree she received care and treatment. I mentioned the porter. she said nothing to do with them. my wife signed. she knew I was not happy with the poor treatment and lack of compassion. it is a pure conveyor belt I seen blood on beds it was appalling the nurses need to care more and the head nurses need to look at patients as human beings and not a daily chore. asked if there was a chair they said don't know so I looked around. the sister said here is one. I pushed wife out no porters. she struggled getting into the car she was given paracetamol.

I hear all the time how pressured nurses are on the general wards this is true the nurses are so wonderful on the main ward 9a when my wife was on ward 9a they are real hardworking and caring nurses. I think it needs to be looked at and a rotation system needs to be made and stop the rushing and stressful ordeal my wife went through there was no need, eye contact when talking not explaining while walking away and smiles go a long way. they treat it like a nine till 5 job

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Response from Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Thank you for your comment. We have passed on your feedback to senior nursing staff. It's clear that you have some concerns and we are sorry that you have not been happy with the service we have provided. If you would like us to look into your wife's case, then we will need a few more details from you. You can contact us via PALS on pals@rlbuht.nhs.uk or call 0151 706 4903/2265 or typetalk via 18001 0151 706 4903/2265. Thanks.

Update posted by unhappy carer (a carer)

Sorry but I do not want to escalate to get workers I trouble but to make you aware from patients point of view nursing is not a job it is an essential service to aid and care for people. The nurse must want to care for people first and for most, many years ago I asked policeman why he was a policeman and he replied the benefits pension and job stability, I thought bit selfish I would have thought it was to protect and serve the public, hope you see my point. The nurses on the wards where fantastic it was just the day ward 11 need to improve on there personal people skills and slow down to avoid stress to patients, I suggested rotate there departments and have a training for porters not to rush and panic and make patients feel they are a burden, there job is to care and show compassion. The job is to aid the sick and needy they must understand their role if they cannot show people skills they must not be responsible for patient care. It is not a factory. My job was restraint manager on the passenger liners. And hotels and retrauntrestaurant throughout Europe, you have to be pleasant caring and aware to reap the rewards of customer satisfaction. It costs nothing to smile aware of customers needs and caring in your personality especially in hospital . The patient is there because they are sick and need help. Let's put our trust in the trust. Make me a happy carer