"Substandard Hospital Practices"

About: Bmi - The London Independent Hospital

(as the patient),

Like many other people, when choosing a good healthcare centre for my operation, I listened to the advice of my consultant who filled me with confidence in his orthopaedic knowledge and ability. He spoke in measured terms on matters such as the various options (I had only one – total hip replacement), the choice of materials, how these are rated by the medical profession over many years of study and the post-operative recovery period. I felt informed and assured that I was in good hands. Sadly, all the efforts of a fine professional were soon to be undone by the disinclination of staff to undertake simple tasks not directly their responsibility, general incompetence and blatant maladministration of certain London Independent Hospital medical and catering staff based in Stepney Green.

Surely no individual acts by the essential hospital ‘back-room’ staff could undermine the good work of a dedicated surgeon? After all, the work of that surgeon and his or her theatre support team is critical to the successful outcome of any medical procedure – or so I thought. If one of BMI Healthcare’s goals is to “Make patients our advocates” perhaps after reading my experience you will see how far short of this you are.

My complaint is made on the basis of:

• The lack of a reasonable standard of English held by key admission staff

• Medical staff who are unable to explain why further blood tests are required

• The inability of ITU staff to assess and provide timely post-operative pain management

• Declarations by medical staff who say that pre-admission blood test results are not on file

• some staff being averse to helping me with simple request they feel are not their responsibility

• Failure to respond to my calls for assistance with disposal of full urine tubes

• Catering staff placing food immediately adjacent to open urine containers

• The inability of catering staff to respond to my requests to make space for food

• A repetitive menu offering the same four choices every meal time (lunch or dinner)

• Inedible food served swimming in pools of butter

• A disturbed night with the patient in an adjacent room screaming in pain all night

• Lack of care with discharge paperwork resulting in me leaving with a Statement of Fitness for Work in the name of a different patient

Before continuing I would like to put on record that my orthopaedic consultant and anaesthetist were excellent and at no time do any of my comments reflect anything other than my highest praise on them. The names of all staff have been withheld pending a response from the London Independent Hospital. My biggest concern is that much of the failings of the LIH will be placed on a few members of staff by management as opposed to the poor quality systems and processes that are evidently lacking here and lead to the mistakes by human beings.

I have telephoned the hospital to register my complaint and await the response of the Executive Director. More detail is available on request.

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