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"Joseph Palmer Centre"

About: Surrey And Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust / Adult mental health

(as a parent/guardian),

My son from an early age seemed very different from other children, he had no confidence to socialise and was sensitive and quiet withdrawn and depressed, often said he wanted to die, kill himself.. At school he had disruptive and emotional outbursts. Things became much worse as time went on, and I tried to cope, not understanding what I should do or how to handle things as he became more and more depressed. I eventually took him to a dr. when he broke down and said he wanted to drown himself he couldn't stop the voices.

Eventually he was sent for an assessment at 13 years old, by which time our family was under immense strain and stress. He was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD he tried the medication, but had become too set in his ways and refused the medication. School failed, he left with out an education and slipped into the path of the police, drinking ect....from this into prison and failed marriages and relationships followed. Unable to hold a job, organise his life or keep on top of finances he remains needy and my husband and I are broken. Anti-depressants, and counselling have not helped over the years and no amount of knocking on doors has helped him.

His current case worker is in our view failing him, fobbing him off despite knowing for two months he was being made homeless- she has not supported him at all in finding help. Instead she sat back as he became homeless and now sleeps in his car, no money no address and no medical assistance....he is 28. She promised to refer him last week, and here we are another week on and still she has not referred him. Instead she mocked him...and sent him on his way.

Is there no decency in the Mental Health Service? I am folding under the stress of it all, have no money and unable to afford a home nearby to help him....what am supposed to do? how is he supposed to obtain help and support....who will help him...? His mental health has not just arrived-its been with him since childhood....yet no one will intervene to guide him support one.

I have tried speaking to his case worker but she will not speak with me, I have complained to PALs, who promised to follow up on the complaint directly with my son....but still no one responds....nothing is one cares...! ! ! ! ! If there was one thing that could be done....perhaps a response within a minimum time and an actual follow up on the situation could save such disgraceful neglect..!


Response from Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for your comments: they have been passed onto the manager of the Elmbridge CMHRS team at the Joseph Palmer Centre and PALS. We’re very concerned to read your feelings about your son’s care.

The Elmbridge CMHRS manager and PALS are unable to identify him/you from what you’ve said. We’re sorry you’re upset - please be assured that we really want to help and will do as much as possible to support your son and you.

You mention that you’ve already been in contact with PALS: we appreciate that you’ve spoken to them before but we urge you to contact them again. It’s their job to help resolve concerns such as yours and it may be that there were difficulties around confidentiality last time which made things stall. You can call them on 01372 216202/6203/6204 or email

We urge you to contact them as soon as possible. Thank you.