"Our 81 year old mother treatment was Disgusting !"

About: Broomfield Hospital

Our 81 year old mother was rushed into Broomfield on Friday 19th June by Emergency Ambulance. She had fallen outside and had spilt boiling water on her arm. She also banged her head and nose on the concrete ground. The burn was bad enough the skin was peeling back. The ambulance crew were great with her. The hospital staff were appalling. One staff member was nice to my mother but then obviously went of duty. On change over no one came to introduce themselves to say they were looking after my mother. A member in scrubs just came in did obs and left. We could not have a conversation with them because they did not seem to understand us, or did not want to. Their whole attitude was everything was a bother. Which made my mother feel uncomfortable and us.There was so many staff sitting and standing around, yet when we rang the bell because my mother was so uncomfortable and in pain nobody took the slightest bit of notice. When we finally managed to catch someone's eye it was, give me two minutes only not to see them again. I called a member of staff in because my mothers IV fluid was not going in it had been running for an hour. Blood kept running back into the tube. I told them to take it out. The dressing on her arm that the Ambulance crew put on was undone then done up again. She had a sling on that was hurting her neck no neck pad used. Her hand was Xrayed but we don't think her head injury was investigated properly. Twice that day we explained she had hit her head. First the boot of the car had come down and hit her on top of the head, which we feel had caused her to feel funny and fall the second times making her hit her head and nose on the concrete. We were told she was slightly dehydrated but in the 6 hours she was there except for when she first when in and was shaking so much she couldn't hold a drink! Nobody offered her a drink of any sort. We asked they yes she can drink, but no offer, I went and found her some water. They assured us a referral had been made to Braintree for a District nurse to come out every day to change the dressing, and sent us home. A Sister that had come on nights made sure we had a phone No in case we didn't hear anything. My sister rang next morning and the Braintree office had nothing. They did send a nurse out and when they got back to the office they rang to check on my mother and told us that there was still no information or referral from Broomfield. I have worked for the NHS for 12 years on the Wards and Outpatients and I am ashamed of the way my mother was treated. She was in awful pain and very distressed and just wanted to go home.

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