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(as the patient),

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 7 weeks ago by c section, c section was not my planned birth but my options were limited as at 38 and 3 days pregnant I found out my son was actually breech and coming feet first. this was indeed a shock as I had been told on 2 separate occasions my son was head down and almost engaged.

I had a trip to my maternity assessment unit due to reduced movements after a heart trace on the baby the midwife assured me he was fine and indeed head down ready to engage and I could go into labour at any point. this was all good and well except the next day I had felt even less movement from my son so went back up to be seen by the same midwife I had seen the previous day. When she came to place me on the trace machine her attitude was short and patronising. she basically told me that the baby was fine before the trace had even begun but because I had been up two days in a row she would have to send me for a scan. Just as well she did as this is when we found out my son was indeed breech and after researching everything to do with pregnancy I knew the complications associated with breech babies if I had went into labour without it being recognised.

Of course once I returned to the unit after my ultrasound her attitude completely changed as she realised she had told me he was head down when indeed he was not but I feel her bedside manner was less than adequate especially as a young mum who was clearly worried about her babies well being.

I was then booked in for a section the following Monday all staff involved in the delivery of my boy were incredible but again the midwife I had looking after us on the night shift was rude and basically gave off the impression we were an inconvenience. An auxiliary took my son away to be bathed as I was told I was going to have a shower. I was left waiting over an hour for my shower and my son was not brought back within this time they then fed my son without telling me this upset me because the midwife knew I hadn't been able to feed him yet due to my surgery etc.

Once I eventually got showered I was then put back into bed and left without underwear and my surgery stockings the whole night may I add. I then had to buzz them to return my son almost 3 hours later. That's 3 hours of bonding I will never get back because they were too busy sitting chatting at their base. When the midwife brought him back I asked her to give me him from his cot as I couldn't get up for him her reply was "no ive settled him" .. 1, She had no right to tell me I couldn't hold my own child and 2. He was not her child to settle. Again I feel that some of the midwifes I came into contact with on my ward did not have any form of bedside manner. Their attitudes where short and patronising.

Although the 2 midwifes on day shift that dealt with me on discharge day could not have been any better could not possibly praise them enough!

Anyway after all the drama in the hospital 3weeks after my section I attended the out of hours service as my wound was red and weeping. the doctor I seen checked my scar and said he was just going to give it a clean. Now I am no nurse but what happened next actually shocked me. He walked to his hand washing sink grabbed a paper towel applied some hand soap and then came back and proceeded to scrub my wound until it was raw, bearing in mind this was a pretty serious surgical wound that was already painful. After repeating the process without rinsing the hand soap may I add he then got the nurse to dress it. That's if you can class some iodine, swabs and tape a dressing. This doctor prescribed me antibiotics to treat an infected wound, two different antibiotics in very strong doses.

After again being angry with my treatment the following day I made an appointment to see my GP. As soon as I sat down in my GP's office he said under no circumstance to take the antibiotics I had been prescribed as they were far too strong and even if I was an infected wound it was over treatment. He then checked my wound and got a second opinion from the practise nurse, it turned out it was merely a form of thrush around my scar causing me the discomfort because my wound was absolutely fine. Due to humid weather and the over hang from a section I was assured this was common and after being prescribed a simple anti fungal cream my problem soon cleared up. I have to thank my GP and the practise nurse as they both restored my faith in the medical system which had been completely blown out of the water due to the care I had received up until I seen them.

The treatment in the hospital took the shine out of being a mum because they treated me like a child and as for the doctor who seen me at the out of hours I really hope he brushes up on his knowledge because the medical professionals I have discussed this matter have all said the same thing that he breeched protocols to prevent infection. Not only that put me through a lot of unnecessary pain.

Overall except the four I mentioned who where outstanding I am genuinely disappointed and really hope no one else would have to go through what I did especially not after the birth of their baby when you have plenty of things going on all of which should be happy not traumatic.

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Response from Lorna Gray, Patient Experience, Public Involvement Project Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Dear proudmama15,

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy - I hope you are settling into life as a new Mum! I'd also like to thank you for getting in touch to tell me about your experience both before and after the birth of your baby. I know that you will be especially busy just now so I appreciate you taking this time to write in.

You have raised a number of serious concerns here and it is really important that we look into this in more detail. I'd appreciate if you could get in touch with me directly to clarify a couple of details (particularly which Out of Hours service you attended) and share some personal information which will help us to take this forward. My email address is lorna.gray@ggc.scot.nhs.uk.

You are right when you say that this should be a very happy time for you and I am sorry that this has not been the case. Although you have highlighted areas where your care has been excellent, it is clear that there have been times where we have fallen short. I therefore hope that we will be able to take something positive from this and learn from your experience. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,


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