"Horrible staff at reception"

About: The Royal London Hospital

Apart from registering at GP. This was my first time in hospital in 7 years. And it's bitter sweet feeling. I never use NHS service for any minor illness. One day, I felt extremely painful around my waist. I tried to lie down and took some painkiller but it didnt seem to help. It was a Sunday. I couldnt cope anymore, so I rang Royal London Hospital see if there's anyway I can do. They suggest me to go A&E cause I was in pain badly. When I arrived, my partner showed the receptionist my NHS medical card and my ID and told them I was in pain couldn't even stand straight. But the receptionist insists I have to register in person. I went to the till handed them my NHS medical card. But they told me I'm not register with NHS. (So how come I have that medical card?) They ask me provide my address, name, BOD and such. Which it suppose in the system. They asked me to spell my name 3 times which is already printed on the medical card. Finally get through After an hour waiting, a staff led me into a small room. Trying to tell me off that I should call GP or go walk-in centre before A&E. They questioned me in a very rude way, and made me feel I've done something wrong by coming here. I told him I wouldn't be here if it's just stomach ache. I know how to respect NHS system. After 10 minutes, they might realise I was suffering so I finally get a chance to do a urine test. There's another 90 minutes waiting. Finally can see a nurse. They took my urine for testing and found out there was blood in it. They gave me some painkiller to sooth my pain before seeing doctor. They led me to waiting area to wait for doctor. This nurse was very nice and caring. Another 20-30minutes waiting. A doctor came to ask my condition and send a staff to put a plastic needle in my hand for intravenous injection. It took the staff 5 minutes and hurt a lot but they can't find my vein. Another staff came and only took 30 sec to do the job. I think the first one was a trainee? Big up to doctors, CT scan and porters. They were all so nice. very patient and want to make sure I'm comfortable in the room. very very appreciated.

Story from NHS Choices

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