"God help anyone who has to go here."

About: Royal Stoke University Hospital

I was brought to the hospital in an ambulance after suffering two seizures following having blood taken. Every time I sat up I had another seizure. On arrival to the hospital I was put in a corridor with many other people on beds. Considering you are laid on your back, they put you directly under the lights, for someone who had just had two seizures this was not helping my head. The corridor was hot, my partner had to stand for the multiple hours we were in there. Eventually a nurse came and said they were taking me to a bay to be seen, but brought a wheelchair. My partner questioned this and said she faints and fits each time she sits up, should she go in a wheelchair, to which the nurse just remained adamant I should go in it. So they moved me to the wheelchair and took me to wait in a sub-wait where I was told if I felt unwell to tell a nurse.... I couldn't see one so that would not be helpful. I could barely keep my head upright. Eventually a nurse came to get me with the bedside matter of a gnat. First I was told off for not responding when they were shouting my name... its not my fault they were pronouncing it wrong. they did not know how to use the hospital wheelchair and couldn't take the break off so told me I should walk, to which my partner firmly stood her ground and said she will not be walking. After some attitude and them still trying to get me to walk, my friend just did the wheelchair herself. I was taken to a cubicle, with the same nurse. Saw by a lovely Doctor (one small mercy). Then the same nurse came back...did not shut the curtain fully and males were in a cubicle opposite when they proceeded to start pulling my bra up, when I asked for the curtain to be shut fully they huffed and puffed but then went and did it. The doctor wanted a blood test, no one had communicated and I had 3 nurses asking if one had been done, to my dismay my unhelpful nurse came back to do my bloods, considering I was in there for seizing on having blood taken, they were trying to take the blood whilst I was sat up. They could barely understand when we tried to explain I needed to lie down, eventually lay me down and then proceeded, wiggling the needle around and muttering that they were struggling to do it because of the position of my arm, when I was almost crying they simple said 'you really don't like your blood taken do you' No, not by a butcher like you. After this I was moved for an xray. This was fine, but then I was moved to a CDU to await the results in the gown they had put me in. I was freezing and sat upright waiting for 2-3 hours for a decision all the while feeling like I was going to faint. Finally on the decision I could be discharged. A lovely nurse (small mercy) was asked by the doctor to lay me down to take out the cannula due to me having Vago Vasal, when asked for the room, a nurse in a sarcastic tone said why would you need to lay down to have that out...

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Response from University Hospitals of North Midlands

Dear "Anonymous"

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback about your experience of University Hospitals of North Midlands.

If you would like to contact our PALS Team (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) so that they can investigate the issues that you have raised further. The PALS Team can be contacted on 01782 676450 or 01782 676455 or by emailing patient.advice@uhns.nhs.uk.

Thank you and best wishes