"chest pains, discharged next day with chest pains"

About: Bassetlaw Hospital

on monday 3rd may my partner took me to bassetlaw A&E with bad chest and back pains which i had had for a few days prior, upon arrival at A&E i was not waiting long at all due to my chest paina and at this point i felt really unwell, taken into a cubical had blood pressure and lots of different blood tests, was given asprin and an injection for thining blood, when the blood test came back the consultant came to talk to me saying tropanin levels are very high but at this time i had no idea what was wrong has nothing was explained cleary, which states i had or was having an heart attack and i needed to stay in over night because the test needed to be done several hours after again to see if the levels had gone down, i was transferd to assesment ward for the night, upon the next blood test the tropanin levels were higher, the night docter stated that damge had alreay been done, too which i still did not know what they meant, upon my first night stay i had not been given a drink for 5 hours from having my meal at tea time, i was moved onto a ward around 21.30-22.00 when i asked if i could have a cup of tea and my medication zoramorph nurse stated " we dont stock zoramorph and im to busy to make a drink", i did not have a drink until the next day in the morning when they came round with drinks, poor staffing, took blood test again when test came back the doctor said my tropanin levels had gone down and i could go home, although i was still in pain with my chest and back told the nurse and they "stated its probably because you havent had youre zoramorph" sent home and to wait for an outpatients appointment, too which point i had still not been told what was wrong, next day after coming home went to do some shopping with my partner i got really out of breath and tired got chest pains, this continued until i could not take anymore i was sweating and grey in colour, went to see my GP on tuesday 12 may who was really concered and sent me straight to hospital with a letter has they thought it could be blood clotting, did not go back to bassetlaw has i had an appointment at kings mill the following day, straight in to A&E assesment, blood tests showing high levels of topanin around my heart to which at this point i had been told i had an heart attack, they was very concernd for my health had i was given morphine, asprin, blood thinners, transfered to assesment ward to be transferd to cardiac ward, staff could not believe i had already been in hospital a week before for the same symptons, moved to cardiac ward on wednesday 13 may at 02.00am, i was told by morning staff i would be going for an angiagram at 12.00pm whilst having my angiogram the consultant said do you want the bad news, i had got a blocked artery, they put a stenti n whilst i was there about 3-4 inches blockage, why was it not picked up at bassetlaw,

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