"vascular surgery"

About: Wythenshawe Hospital

I was diagnosed with 4 abdominal ayortic anurisms in January 2014 I was given a quick appointment to see the consultant everything was explained to me over the next 2 months I had scans and tests it was found I was'nt fit enough for the operation but I could'nt be done with a normal stent so a company was asked could they make one which in the end was to complicated because the anurisms I had were feeding my kidneys anyway when the company said they could'nt make one the consultant sent for me and told me there was no choice but to operate but the desition was mine alone but did'nt have much choice but I can honestly say that from then I was delt with quickly by the two most remarkable surgeons I have ever had the pleasure to meet they completely reassured me everything would be fine explained all the risks of which there was quite a few and I had the op on 10 April 2014 and was back home by the 15th and all the time I was there I was treated with respect by everybody concerned and I owe my life to them all and can't thank them enough nurses and consultants are second to none victor bailey

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