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Got sent to A&E by my doctor due to dislocation of my shoulder due to a disease I have called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Got to reception and the receptionist was very snobby and spoke to me like I was in the way and took their time going through all of my details with me. Once we sat down we waited about half an hour to see the assessment nurse, who was lovely. Made us feel very welcome and was very helpful with painkillers ect... The nurse sent me straight for an x ray and told us that we would get seen by a doctor as soon as we got back.... Got the x ray and we waited about five minutes to be seen and they were also lovely people. Very caring and understanding. Got back into the A&E waiting area and was waiting for about 10 minutes (obviously doctor was looking at the x rays) then the doctor called me and my partner in and showed us my x ray, and told me where my shoulder was and where it should be lol! The doctor was also very understanding about my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome too and brought me straight into a room to where I was offered gas and air straight away, and we spoke about other pain medications as I was worried because I still breastfeed my 13 month old daughter, but the doctor reassured me that if I had morphine that it would be out of my system within four hours. The doctor was very friendly...could not have asked for a better doctor. The doctor tried several times to get my shoulder in but was having no luck. The doctor then had to call the shoulder doctor who came to see us, and upset me very much. I can't remember this doctor's name but they were very rude to me and my partner, and lied saying they saw my second x ray and said that my shoulder was in even though I never had a second x ray yet, and I was that upset and high on pain killers I gave him a peace of my mind. The nurse looking after me and another patient came to see me and said they had heard everything and agreed with me that a second x ray wasn't done yet and that the doctor should not have spoke to me like that. Also the porter that was there agreed that the doctor should not have spoken to us the way they did, and even the porter was lovely and very caring to us! We then got back from 2nd lot of x rays and wait waiting in a cubical to where a nurse came and said that I could go home even tho my shoulder was still out of joint. I asked where the 'shoulder doctor' had gone and the nurse said that the doctor's gone now. I said but the doctor hasn't given us the results, and that the doctor has not come back to see me and the nurse said 'the doctor cant just stay, they have to do operations'. I then asked to see another doctor to which we got the lovely doctor that tried to get my shoulder in the first time. This doctor was very caring and gave me some painkillers to go home with, and got me an appointment for the next day to see a top consultant, which I ended up seeing two and not being referred to a specialist in Nottingham but even that lovely doctor could not understand why this 'shoulder doctor' treat me the way they did and sent me home with my shoulder still out. I was very upset with him. A&e staff FAB

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