"not much."

About: Newham General Hospital

(as the patient),

What I liked

not much.

What could be improved

Where do I start? It took over 6hrs in A&E for staff to attend to me properly, even though it was my 2nd time in a week to present with heavy bleeding and clotting in early pregnancy.

In that time, they managed only to get a urine test (confirming pregnancy hormones) and blood test done to check I was not anaemic. They also took some blood to "take upstairs in case they need it in an emergency".

After 6hrs, I was put on fluids and then taken up to a ward. At this point, no one deemed it fit to inform me I was to be admitted, but I was made to believe they were waiting for the fluid to finish before I was allowed home.

I was then kept overnight with the plan of a scan to check position of the pregnancy in the morning.

Scan following morning confirmed I had miscarried, and I was kept waiting for about 40mins in the EPAU waiting area, where I had to deal with the shock of my loss whilst watching very pregnant women go in and out, and deal another woman crying over a loss. I was told a porter would take me back to the ward, and it was only after I complained at 40mins (I could walk back to ward, as I had walked to the scan unit) that a nurse escorted me back. This was midday. I then had lunch.

After about an hour, a doc came and gave me the option of going into theatre or taking medication to bring out the retained pregnancy products. I asked which was quickest and was told the medication, which I opted for. About 2hrs later, I was given four tablets to coat in lubricant and insert inside me to bring on contractions. I had severe pain, yet was only given 2x 500mg paracetamol. I struggled for an hr, then demanded something stronger. I was then given a more powerful pain relief in syrup form.

Things settled and I fell asleep, to wake around 4pm. I bleeped for assistance and told the lady that nothing was happening. It was at this point that I was told it could take up to five such doses before I pass the retained pregnancy products.

Anything else?

i then asked to go into theatre to have retained products surgically removed, and she explained it may be too late to change my mind at this point. I informed her I was not properly informed of the consequence of my choice and demanded to speak to a doc. After I explained that it was unacceptable for me to continue the tablets option as I had been bleeding non-stop for over a week, accompanied by very intense pain, he agreed to change my course to surgery. I was told it'd have to be tomorrow, which I was fine with. It is now around 6pm. About 40-60 mins later, he came back to explain he'd pulled some strings and I could in into surgery tonight. He confirmed that I had not eaten for at least 6hrs. Another man then came in to take some blood to use to match me in case of an emergency, and I informed him this had been taken yesterday, and sent up. I remembered the lady in A&E taking three vials of blood, and confining she would test all except the one with the pink top, as well as my urine. He then went out as if to check this, came back in without mentioning anything further and took more blood in yet another pink-topped vial.

To this point, no-one has confirmed if they lost my blood, but I think he only came to get more blood from me, perhaps to use in another patient.

Within an hr, a care assistant came to ask if I have any metals inside my body etc, take off my mail polish to prep me for theatre.

By 10pm, nothing had happened and I had not had anything to eat or drink since noon. Yet I was still bleeding heavily, they were still collecting blood from me as though I was donating it, and I was denied morphine as it would not be suitable as for surgery under a general anaethestic.

On two separate occasions, I pressed for assistance, and was told they were waiting for doc to call me in. 48hrs has passed, I still have a dead baby inside me & no idea when it'll come out.

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