"Wound dressing fell off within half an hour?!"

About: Essex

(as the patient),

Due to my emotional state, I currently have around 30 stitches in my left arm due to self harm. This episode of self harm took place on Wednesday 6th May. The doctor in A&E who stitched my wounds advised me to see a nurse at my local GP surgery to get the dressings changed twice, separately (of course) with a few days in between each change, before having the stitches removed as one of the wounds was still bleeding even after being stitched.

From A&E I went directly to my GP surgery to make the relevant appointments. I had the dressing changed kn the Friday (8th May) with no issue, and then had to go back for the second change yesterday (13th May). After waiting more than 20 mins past my appointment time to even be seen, I am most annoyed and frustrated that the dressings the nurse used to dress my wounds fell off within half an hour of leaving the surgery. They just didn't even stick to my skin. The dressing was definitely not the issue here, I have used the very same ones many, many times.

I am convinced the issue was that she placed some kind of non-stick (kind of oily) white mesh looking barrier material directly on top of the wounds and placed the softpore dressings on top of that. I think that because she was wearing latex gloves she didn't notice she had the oily stuff from the mesh on her hands and consequently transferred it to my skin and to the sticky part of the dressing, hence the dressing not sticking.

Either way, this isn't good enough. I mean, any nurse should know how to apply a dressing to a wound that isn't going to fall off in five minutes, no? I am now walking around with bare, unconvered wounds, against the advice of the A&E doctor, and am open to infection, and I have stitches catching on everything, not to mention no padding on my arm to cushion any knocks or if someone grabs it etc. I would ring the surgery back and ask for it to be rectified but unfortunately I don't have another week to wait for an appointment. I usually ask to see one specific nurse, but her waiting list is approx three weeks!

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