"Teething Problems"

About: NHS Southampton CCG

(as the patient),

It's been almost 3 years to the date and last month in April I finally received my new lovely bottom plate but have been unable to wear it for a full day as it's pinched. I have had to wait till today (6 weeks) to get a bit shaved off as my dentist has been away. I accept that all dentists deserve a holiday but there have been no available appointments until today. Any way hooray they are good so I am pleased with that.

This is not the end of my story it's about to start again with the top ones...I managed to get a new dentist at the same practise the one who completed my treatment for the bottom ones lovely guy seems that he has had years of experience.

When I visited him in April he had to cut through my top bridge on the upper left side to meet the bite of the new bottom plate, this was ok, he explained that he would cut through the right hand side bridge on our nest visit and do the same treatment in preparation for the new top denture. I explained that this right hand side bridge and the tooth next to it would probably come out in fact one good pull and I could probably do it on my own, in April he assured me that this would not happen... in all his years as a dentist it had only happened once or twice! I was informed I would be left with 6 front top teeth and I'd need to leave these for 2 months to heal, thinkingt then he would have the new temporary top plate made take the remaining 6 teeth out and fit the plate at the same time, I would come back 6 months or so later when my gums had shrunk and have a nice new one made to match my at bottom ones.

No I arrived this morning the whole care plan appeared to have gone out the window he agreed that if he cut this one tooth out the rest would come out as well! ! As you can imagine I was devastated especially when he told me I would be toothless I had planned to go back to work after the extraction planning a paper work day ... I work within the NHS front line would a dentist practice expect the receptionist to be working with no teeth? . The dentist appeared like he was having a bad day and was put out because I refused to have these teeth all out today. He also stated there would be no temporary plate. I now have to explain to my employers that I'm probably going to be off for how ever long it takes for my gums to heal and then wait for the fitting and making of the new ones. I will basically have to go on the sick and hope I don't lose my job also speak with my GP...I feel like I'm coordinating my own care plan! I can't believe all this is happening again! ! : -(

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