"Abrupt, rude and patronising."

About: Trafford General Hospital

The clinic was due to start at 1PM but no doctor arrived until 1:40PM I had to ask the receptionist if the clinic was actually being held. The receptionist was very nice, professional and courteous. I understand that resources are stretched - a simple write up on the notice board of the delay would have sufficed - there was space for this but it was not used. A doctor arrived (no explanation or apology for delay) and I was taken into a consulting room. The doctor had food on the side of their mouth and was picking their teeth with their fingernails while questioning me. This doctor was about to examine me and I had to ask them to wash their hands. I did not see them actually do this - but they did wear gloves while examining me. The doctor spoke very fast and with a strong accent so I found it very difficult to understand them. I asked if they could repeat what they had said a little slower said as I found it difficult to understand, and if they could use less technical terminology. I also speak with a strong accent so I understand that some people can have difficulty with this. However, the doctor then treated me as if I was completely stupid and was extremely patronising and very argumentative, talking over me, not letting me finish my sentences, etc. It was extremely frustrating and it really tested my patience. I felt embarrassed and belittled. I was a bit shocked to be honest as I have rarely had such poor treatment in the NHS. In addition the doctor did not seem to take any interest in my explanations of the difficulty my current medical complaint was causing in my life, at work, etc. They advised a completely unsuitable and ineffective (as they acknowledged) treatment for my situation and did not seem in any way concerned with my report of hearing loss. I only have hearing in one ear so any loss of hearing in it is very noticeable and extremely problematic, as well as very worrying. The doctor's attitude was that, because they couldn't prove there was any hearing loss, there was nothing to be done until they could schedule a hearing test in a month's time - other than the previously unsuitable advice. My own knowledge of my medical condition was completely ignored. I do understand that evidence is needed for treatment but the general disregard they had for my situation and the difficulty I was facing, particularly at work, was very disappointing. I have been dealing with my ear problems for over 40 years - I do have some idea what is going on, what works and does not work and what treatments have been effective/ineffective in the past. Overall I was very unhappy with the way I was treated and I am not looking forward to my next visit - I am seriously considering asking my GP to make an appointment at another clinic and it is just the prospect of an even longer wait for treatment that is preventing me from doing so. The doctor's manner was unnecessarily antagonistic and aggressive and extremely counterproductive and certainly not what I expect from the NHS.

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Response from Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to learn that your experience was not as positive as we would hope for when you attended the Ear Nose and Throat Outpatient Department in April 2015.

It is important to us that comments are heard and seen as an opportunity provided to the service to make changes and improvements wherever possible.

In response to your comment, I can tell you that we are monitoring all Clinic start times to identify the reasons why clinics haven’t started on time and will take any necessary action to make improvements,

Your concerns have also been raised directly with the staff / department involved so that they can look into them and learn from your experience so that others don’t experience the same issues as you did.

It is difficult to respond to all the posts in a full way often because of a lack of detailed information, therefore if you would like to discuss this with us in more detail, please feel free to contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service on 0161 276 8686 or by e-mailing pals@cmft.nhs.uk

The Patient Experience Team

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust