"Cataract Operation"

About: Springfield Hospital

I recently had a cataract in my right eye operated on at Springfield Hospital. Weeks of trauma preceded this. The thought of anyone going near my eyes, let alone operating on them, was abhorrent, this probably being the result of a childhood incident, forgotten by me but leaving its scars. This was picked up and recognised by the consulting surgeon at my first appointment at the hospital and whose kindly attitude greatly helped me through the weeks until my operation. My Pre Op appointment was no different. The whole occasion was dealt with in a very efficient but caring manner. My blood pressure was found to be too high and needed to be lowered if the operation was to proceed at the scheduled time. I needed to see my doctor. It was a Bank holiday but the nurse guided me through what I should do and, with the co-operation of my GP, I was on tablets before the evening. Presenting on the day of my operation I was met with kindness and efficiency. Everything was explained to me to a depth I needed to know, quite little in my case apart from being reassured, which as forthcoming from all concerned. My room was comfortable so, with a light readable book and regular visits by my named nurse I was able to pass the time until the appointed hour. Op done and my post anaesthetic ramblings over, I was served beautifully prepared tea and marmalade toast which went down perfectly. Soon my blood pressure returned to a normal level for discharge and my nurse declared me fit to leave when I felt ready. The nurse uncovered the operated on eye and, miracle upon miracle, I could see. Not only could I see but my eye looked perfectly normal. No red eye or mangled look, just normal. After care explained and reassuring contact number given, along with a date for a follow up appointment, I was able to ring my husband and ask him to come and pick me up. So here I am, half way through the four weeks of instilling drops period with very good memories of my visit to SpringField Hospital. May I give a very grateful thank you to all members of the hospital involved in my care, you all turned a traumatic experience into one I am pleased to remember, thank you.

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