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(as a relative),

What to say? It's completely disgraceful and a poor standard of care. Firstly, GP from Millview Medical Centre wont send my partner to Early Pregnancy Clinic or cannot get her in to see the midwife and also to do a blood sample two and a half weeks from the day she was seen by her GP. She went to her GP twice and the doctor was reluctant to check her out why she was getting the pains all the doctor says was because she was pregnant and its all normal. and to take pain killers such as paracetamol. so I went with my partner to out of hours clinic in Grantham the Dr told her that her GP should have refer her Early Pregnancy Clinic. So I took the doctors advice and went with my partner to see her GP and even then he was reluctant to send her to EPC. So I told the doctor if my partner is complaining about her pains and blood discharge in her urine and also you cannot do a blood test until two weeks, why don't you just send her to EPC? He said they might not see her. I told her GP its up to them, we just want to make sure if everything is normal. So he did referred my partner to EPC. So after waiting 3 hours since the GP referred to EPC my partner decided to give EPC a call. They told my partner to come in one hour so I took my partner to EPC where she had her blood test, urine sample and also a scan where it shows it was inconclusive. Therefore the doctor advice my partner to do a another Blood test on Sunday and they would take it from there. So, my partner had her blood sample taken and they said we would give us an answer by 6pm as the doctor was too busy with other patients. We had a phone call at about 10 pm Sunday night, saying they wanted my partner to be admitted as an emergency to be monitored and seen first thing on Monday morning.

We were very worried, so I took her to EPC clinic in Branston Ward. I went to see my partner the next day monday morning, where she had her drip on and a doctor came to make her sign a form and she complained about the needle implant in her hands that had Cline tube fitted was hurting and her hand were showing slight swelling and purple so the doctor said they'd come and change them in a minute. There was no sign of the doctor at all and also she was hungry no food or drink since 8 pm on Sunday night, so she was crying bitterly. She saw the duty nurse on that day she turn around and told her to take rest. How can she take rest when she was crying out in hunger and no water to drink? No-one came to check on her if she was okay or even to let her know when she would go to the theater. This is completely ridiculous and unacceptable level of care providing by our great NHS. So, when I went out they were all standing near the table either busy on the computer or on the phone. What is the point saying to us that its an emergency case when she was the last patient of the day to go to the theater?

I personally think all the staff who are on duty for taking care of the patients should go around and check how the patients are and to have a better communication and keep the patient's updated regularly of their next step. In order to do make it better, I personally think NHS should adopt a few commitments from the staff, such as better communication between both the patients and the staff by keeping them updated about the progress, regular checking up on the patients on how they are, and providing the patient with information and progress of their treatments; every patient feedback reports or forms in regards to caring they received and the 3 things they enjoyed or liked and 3 things they like to see changes.

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