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About: Northwick Park Hospital

we now all fall under the umbrella of LNWH NHS trust to which this is the lead flagship hospital. Oh dear. It's not a very clean , looked after place, it looks unkempt . The staff who seem to be very nice people are just too busy to give you the time of day and explain nicely and with respect to patients and their families any queries.There are a few exceptions and to those lovely people I apologise. The referral systems in place for GP's to refer are extremely poor, for example you may have a previous joint issue that was seen under orthopedics, you were treated and discharged with a - "any further problems ask you GP to refer you back" . But your GP can't do that now, now they have to refer you to the community musculoskeletal service where after a lengthy wait a Physio will assess you and see if you're deemed needy enough to go be referred by them to the Orthopedics. Now forgive me if I am wrong but they can't diagnose, they can only give an opinion, , how does an opinion qualify them to refer to the orthopedics when your GP who can diagnose you - can't. Then you have a lengthy wait for the referral to go through to the Orthopedics . This is just one example of how they are running patients through needless mazes to make them wait lengthy times without justification . A recent visit to A&E where it has now been relocated up a ramp of course, very well thought out for unwell people making their way up if brought by cab. There is a lift but it's not well signposted and it's in the carpark, very accessible indeed . You have here staff on the front desk having lengthy chats about their recent exploits outside of work, or discussing other patients in fron of you. They don't say hello, can I help you ? or any other such niceties as even a smile. You may get a 'yes' , an expectant look , but that's about it. Moving onto the medical staff, they just seem too overwhelmed to care as well. It's not about caring it's about moving people along as if they were items on the conveyor belt at the supermarket. This has to be one of the worst hospitals in the area, and you can't even leave reviews for some of it's community sites as that facility has been disabled. Why ? To stop people leaving poor reviews of issues like the musculoskeletal services I've just highlighted ?

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