"Waiting too long for a neurologist appointment "

(as the patient),

I have been waiting since early January for an appointment to see a Neurologist , having been referred by the ENT department due to the results of a MRI Scan that was performed last October 2006.

I have attempted to seek some indication of when the appointment will be but was told by the Neurologist secretary since I was not referred by my own GP I will have to wait longer for the appointment. This is in order to provide better statistics to the Government on patient waiting times on targets being met. Let it be known that I waited enough time to get the appointment for ENT!

Phoning the Hospital appointments section is a waste of time, there is no response, and like others will find the phone will constantly ringing without anyone answering.

For Neurology the website waiting time is 90 calendar days.

In my case they are certainly are not going to hit that target.

It does make you seriously think about going private, almost certainly I would be seen straight away if I waved the cheque book around.

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