"A & E (Dont Bother)"

About: Croydon University Hospital

Went to A&E with my partner last night, She had sever pains in her shoulder following assault five days before, had previously been to Beckenham UCC who had said nothing was wrong following x-ray (not the case) - if your not happy, don't believe them Reception staff seemed ok, waited about 50 minutes to see the triage nurse, nurse asked for details, took blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels, didn't even look at her shoulder and was not offered any pain relief. After about 2 hours further wait was called in by the doctor, asked for details and only looked at her shoulder after we insisted, doctor said pointless having another x-ray, basically told to take pain relief and go home. When my pardner broke down in tears with the pain, asking why she was in so much pain if nothing was wrong, they said they would call another doctor to take a look. Another doctor came and examined her shoulder, suggested an x-ray of her collar bone and offered her some pain relief(at last getting somewhere) x-ray taken, back to the dismal waiting room, another wait but fortunately only about 10 minutes, called back in. X-ray showed a fractured collar bone, Arm put in a sling to help with pain and painkillers prescribed. At last we got a diagnosis regarding the problem, Two visits to different NHS hospitals, Triage didn't even look at her shoulder or offer any pain relief (but i guess that's Virgin Health Care for you) , two doctors and only the second one was happy to examine her shoulder. Moral of the Story, don't be fobbed off if you think something is wrong, insist on further tests etc.

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