"Disrespectful Receptionists in the Physiotherapy..."

About: St. Margaret's Hospital

I had an appointment today with an amazing physiotherapist. Very competent, professional, helpful and just very pleasant. As indeed was their colleague. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received. However, the reception area was a completely different experience. On entering the department I went straight to the reception desk to check in. There were two receptionists on duty, both sitting at the same computer clearly in the middle of something which was absolutely fine. They were both aware of my presence but chose to completely ignore me and carry on with whatever they were in the middle of, which I was completely fine with as I presumed it would only be a few seconds before one of them came over to book me in. But unfortunately after standing for some minutes feeling quite awkward it became clear they were not in any hurry to do this and so I started to wonder if I was mistaken in thinking I needed to book in at all? So I turned to another waiting patient and asked what the process was, ie do I just need to take a seat or do I need to book in. She said I did need to book in, and with this one of the receptionist finally looked up and asked in a very unfriendly way and whilst remaining in their seat which was some way from the front desk, what my name was. When I told them they simply asked me to take a seat. They did not appear to update anything and it made me question why they hadn't just done that when I initially went to the desk if that was all that was required. I was quite astounded by their rudeness and to be frank, their hostility. It was quite unnecessary and incompetent of them to act in this way and made me feel quite awkward which I'm sure is not how you are expected to feel when turning up for an appointment.

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