"Miscarriage at Accident and Emergency"

About: Croydon University Hospital

At 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant I was experiencing stomach cramps and bleeding. I went to my GP in the morning who said to go to Mayday if it got worse. By the afternoon I was in agony so went to A and E. On arrival at 2.20pm I was registered and told to wait in the waiting area. after about half an hour I was seen by the triage nurse who took my blood pressure, a urine sample and sent me for blood tests. After this I was sent back to the waiting area with 2 paracetamols. Not once was there any discussion as to what could be happening to me and what I might expect. The pain continued to get worse and after 2 hours of waiting and now in severe pain I sent my husband to get me some help. I was doubled over in agony, I now know after researching myself I was experiencing contractions, but with no breaks, although no one at the hospital had explained to me that this was a possibility. I was then sent to a small cubicle to wait, I had to stand for a while to wait for a bad, but in the pain I was in I was doubled over and curled up on my knees on the floor anyway. The nurse found me a bed and then at about 5pm, finally explained that they would see if there was any other pain relief I could have, and put a cannula in my arm, the same one that I had had the blood test in earlier. Again no advice was given. I asked again about pain relief and the nurse said they would try to get some gas and air. While the nurse was gone I went to the toilet and my waters broke on the way to the loo, which was very unexpected. When I got to the toilet I felt s lump drop into the loo, I looked and I was not sure what I was seeing, I now know that it was approximately a 5.5cm long fetus. When I returned to my be the nurse told me I should have caught what came out so they could inspect it, again if I had known this I would have done but having no information I was not to know. I remained waiting on the bed now with no underwear as it was very wet and bloody. I was left again, when the doctor arrived they asked me to stand up at which point I had blood pouring down my legs. The doctor said they would get me a sanitary towel, but I had no underwear so the doctor found me some hospital underwear and left me to put it on, I was offered nothing to clean myself up and had to find some had towels. The doctor returned and asked me to lie on the bed and felt my stomach. I said I think I have been having a miscarriage and the doctor said they probably agreed but again did not confirm or say what else to expect. I was then offered two options, one to be admitted as I had lost a lot of blood or to go home with co-codamol. After the trauma I just wanted to go home. I was given no advice as to what to expect over the next few days, I bled heavily, including passing what I can only presume is the placenta. The whole experience was extremely traumatic both mentally and physically and I was not given information or any quality of care. It was undignified and a terrible experience made worse by lack of care.

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