"A & E visit - falls at last hurdle"

About: Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital

Had to take my 15 year old to A & E with an very painful big toe that she'd injured somehow playing football. One look at the waiting room told you that things were fairly busy, so immediately prep yourself for a long wait. Receptionist was first class. Triage nurse was not very talkative, but OK. Follow up nurse/doctor was spot on. Daughter was sent for X-ray. Virtually went straight in for X-ray - no wait at all. Very jolly radiographer. A couple of minutes wait after X-ray, then sent back to A & E. Hand X-ray form in at Nurse station, and go back to waiting room. Daughter gets called by a nurse. We are now just on the two hour mark. Things could be worse - but what happened next was in my opinion was as poor as it gets. Instead of taking my daughter aside to somewhere private to go over her injury, they stand right where they are and starts talking to us in full hearing of anyone at reception, and half the waiting room. After announcing that there was nothing broken, they then proceed to talk about my daughters little toe, when it was actually her big toe that she'd injured. We're in the middle of an election, and no amount of politicians money, and the promise of extra billions of pounds is going to cure basic issues like this. I fully suspect they were handed a piece of paper, and issued with the instruction "nothing broken" by somebody, and they probably hadn't even looked at the notes, and if they had, they couldn't read the handwriting. Where was their manager or supervisor that oversees their performance & attitude and "customer service" skills. Who do their colleagues or patients report this practice to, like you would get in any other shop or workplace. I am not one of those people who goes around moaning and picking faults, in fact this is the first time that I have ever left a review or feedback on anything. But some things need telling straight - however ugly, otherwise how do they know what they have got to improve. Well done to the 4 out of 5 staff we had to do with at A & E Grimsby. Zilch to the final nurse that let their whole team down. Grimsby A & E managers. Sort it out. Get your Doctors & Nurses on some very basic & readily available Customer Services & positive attitude training courses. It will work wonders, and the rest will fall in to place, because the whole team will be firing on all cylinders, and not be being let down by a few "can't be bothered" individuals These things aren't rocket science. It comes down to very basic leadership and management skills, and you need the right people in the right seats. If somebody isn't performing as they should - tell them - discipline them, and move them to somewhere where they aren't going to hurt your reputation. And this includes Managers who aren't managing their staff as they should be. Enough said for one night. Off to the GP to try and get a proper opinion & some advice.

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Response from Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital

Hello, thank you for your comments, which have been shared with the relevant managers. Please can I ask that you to contact our patient advice and liaison team on (01472) 875403 so that they can take some more details from you and look into this? Kind regards, Sarah Mainprize