"Mental Health Service problems"

About: New Park House Mental Health services

(as the patient),

I am under New Park House mental health services for Bipolar type 2 and every encounter I seem to have with Mental Health causes me more stress than the original problem. I do not receive appointment letters then get sent one saying I have missed an appointment I was never informed of, I have appointments booked for bank holidays and even received a letter saying I hadn't attended an appointment which wasn't for another few weeks!

A previous liaison practitioner discharged me and did not inform anyone when I was still meant to be under their care.

The Dr did not know what dosage of medication he had prescribed me and insisted he prescribed me a high dosage than I was on. He then asked me when my next appointment with him was when he has not given me an appointment.

To get an appointment with a Dr is near impossible and after being sexually assaulted it took 3 months to be given an appointment to reassess my medication despite even before this 2 different members of staff had advised I needed an assessment done since November but failed to book me an appointment. The only reason I was given one is due to me going back to my GP during a severe manic episode (which I was told not to do), she took one look at me, advised she will not give me a short term fix such as diazapam which they were offering me as could see I needed proper medication, she called the urgent treatment centre and I had an appointment within 48hrs. Funny that I was told he could not fit me in for another 3 weeks by this point!

During this appointment the Dr made it very clear I had disrupted his day and he had 5 very angry people he had to rearrange with because he had to see me!

I have to battle with them whenever my medication is running out to be given a new prescription and get offered appointments after my medication has run out which are no use to me as already back at square 1!

I have also gone in to seek help during a breakdown clearly upset, to have someone come down, take me into a room and tell me I was lucky they didn't call the police to remove me! ! I was in no way being aggressive or intimidating, I was asking for help and to speak to someone. Also I will add no one actually asked me to leave the premises, if they had done I would have left!

Despite knowing I work full time I have had appointments cancelled and messages left on my landline, no mobile contact attempted despite me reiterating I work, resulting in me having to leave work for an appointment which no longer exists.

It's a joke, I genuinely feel sorry for the people who are unable to battle this horrendous system for the help and care they need. I find it a struggle myself and fortunately my mental condition allows me to work and have a relatively normal life where as there are so many where they would not be able to chase and argue their corner.

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