"Logistics of providing sample containers and samples between NHS Hospitals in other counties"

About: Bedford Hospital NHS Trust Hertfordshire and the South Midlands

(as the patient),

I have been given a choice of where I wish to see a Consultant for diagnosing and treating my medical condition. I chose a Hospital Consultant in another county (Bedford) to which I reside in. The Consultant requested a 24 hour urine collection for which a special container is needed. However, Bedford Hospital has no provision or internal mail service to be able to relay or collect a container from my local surgery in a different county. I have had to make several phone calls to get the two NHS areas to agree to provide the sample container and I have had to make a compromise by offering to send my collection sample to the Bedford Pathology Laboratory myself. It is great that I have the choice of which Hospital treats my condition but I did not expect to act as a go-between mediator to achieve facilitation of providing a test.

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