"My short stay"

About: Broomfield Hospital

I rushed myself to hospital after suspicion my appendix had ruptured. I was rushed through A&E seen fast and effectively to have my suspicions confirmed. Good quality of treatment and medications administered promptly to keep me out of pain. I was then taken to a ward and settled down. The night shift started and I was woken every 5 mins with noisy staff laughing joking and banging about. When I needed more oramorph staff were nowhere to be found. 4am I'm woken to be told my surgery had been cancelled and rescheduled and was finally able to drink again but no food offered to me after fasting. The next morning I woke to the lovely day staff who were excellent and very friendly and took me down to theatre. Hours passed and I woke in recovery post-op. I was taken back to the ward and given more fluids but still not offered any food. I'm quite a private person and I don't really want everyone staring at me when I'm snoring and dribbling so I kept the curtains around me closed. The nurses thought it was their decision and kept opening them. I'm had to keep getting up in pain to close them again.. The nurse would quickly come back and open them again. In the end I had to have a go at them and I had a right to dignity and privacy. The nightshift started and again very noisy staff, rude, nowhere to be found when needed and kept going into the backroom to 'sleep.' The next day I told the ward sister I would be discharging myself that evening because I couldn't take anymore of the night staff. I was told I couldn't discharge myself which I have every right to do. 3 days passed of no food offered to me, noisy, rude night staff, and a very uncomfortable out of date metal framed bed with a mattress you could feel the metal bars through. Not the best experience of my life.

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