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(as the patient),

Cambian Oaks is a good hospital, with one exception; the heating.

Since arriving here I have found my energy levels and productivity plummet because of how hot the hospital and my room are. As there are no statutory maximum temperatures in working environments there is no official action I can take to oblige the company to take action.

I do relate to staff that I often feel unwell, nauseous, disturbed sleep, constant sweating and malaise because of the environment - to be met with similar complaints back from the staff as to how difficult their jobs are in the heat. (Left feeling like the couple who complain to Basil Fawlty about the useless waiter only to have Basil turn round and complain back to them)

Good mental health is greatly bolstered by activity and having meaningful occupations. My activity has progressively declined since being admitted and it is directly as a consequence of struggling to cope with this hugely unhealthy environment.

If all I wanted out of life was to watch television, drink tea and smoke cigarettes from dawn till dusk then I imagine that this environment would be an ideal facilitator for that kind of lifestyle.

But I want to continue my recovery to be an active participant in life and society. It is with regret that I feel I need resort to posting on this forum to contend that Cambian Oaks is, presently, hindering this. The heat in the building makes me feel so unwell that all I really want to do is lie down, by my open window with a fan blowing over me.

There is a regular communal outside area, but that is constantly populated by people smoking, so if I want some let up from the heat I am obliged to passively smoke (which I both detest and resent).

The hospital will make allowance and allow me into an area where smoking is not allowed, but that is an extraordinary provision. The smoking area is staffed and open all the time. If I want some fresh air and respite from the heat then a special arrangement has to be made which will require a member of staff to be available.

I find this circumstance to be wholly unacceptable from a healthcare provider.

Perhaps if it was realised how much money must be being wasted in heating this building then eventually something might be done. Certainly my repeated protestations of how unwell it is making me is falling on deaf ears.

Yours in lethargy,

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