"2 weeks admission ( fantastic all round Care )"

About: Colchester General Hospital

This hospital has been given bad reviews of late from this government's care assessments, then their reports have been pounded on by the media which has esculated in my opion giving Colchester hospital an even worse reputation. No hospital is perfect, all round Care is key to successfully achieving an instatutes goals. All in all the government and the media are not helping the reputation of the extremely hard working members Colchester General Hospital. I have just come out of Colchester General Hospital after two weeks stay, and after reading previous reports about this hospital i was shocked, as in my experience these bad reports are just pulling this hospital down where all their extreme hard work should be prasied on all levels plus all staff members rewarded for their dedication and extreme hard work. Anyway this is my high praise thank you list starting from the briliance and highest standards of A&E ( Thank you so much ) xxxx Then to the staff of EAU ( Thank You So Much ) xxxx Then to Dedham Ward Members from; Consultant's / Nuses / Reseption staff / The OT staff / Aftercare staff / kitchen, food and drinks staff / Orderly staff / Volenteers / Trainee staff / Cleaners / haematologist / Porters / The extremely helpful Staff who i have gained so much respect for xx / all Agency staff / everyone else who done helpfull tests on me / plus anyone i have missed Purely by mistake, if I missed you out I'm so sorry; it's hard to remember all at this time So (Thank you the whole of Dedham Ward ) xxxxxxxx. My next big thank you is to all in the Elmsead Angiogram unit ( Thank you ) xxxx Next the two Amblance staff who took me to and back form Baildon hospital, better not mention names, will never forget your help ( Thank you ) xxxx Thank you to the MRI staff and other staff that assisted me at Baildon Hospital xxxx Thank you to the two Amblance staff that got me home safely xxxx This hospital is a major combanation of Teamwork that brings everything briliantly together. Thank you Colchester Hospital, i will be back with thank you gifts as soon as i recover a bit xxxxxxxx Time the Government and Media got off this hospitals back, stop acting negative about Colchester General Hospital and started to act in a more mature possative attaude, time you helped and suported this Hospital and stopped putting it down. Government and Media attaudes need to change.

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