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I had the misfortune to suffer a 'missed' miscarriage at the end of September 2008 - which was diagnosed by scan at Treliske. I was booked in for an ERPC the following day, however, I began to lose large quanities of blood and clots later that evening. My Husband spoke to NHS Direct who advised we go straight to hospital, but unfortunately my condition worsened and I passed out - I assume from the blood loss. I was then taken to Treliske by ambulance. Upon arrival, the two paramedics and me were left waiting by the admissions desk for a period of about 10 minutes, during which time blood continued to flow from me, filling the incontinence sheets underneath me and dripping onto the floor! When we were eventually directed to a curtain area - the paramedics had to leave me to clean the debris that remained from it's previous occupant!!

A nurse came to see me and to my disbelief and horror handed a sanitary towel and disposable knickers to my Sister In Law and asked her to clean me up!! This was in no way my Sister In Law's responsibilty and the blood loss/clots weren't being absorbed by 2ft square incontinence pads - what was a sanitary towel going to do? We waited over 2 hours to see a Dr, by which point blood was dripping and pooling on the floor beneath the bed. When the curtains finally opened, instead of the expected Dr. (who I add were huddled in their office laughing) there was the same nurse who said to us that we would have to move as she needed the curtain area. She moved us to the middle of the A&E dept in clear view of all other patients and left us there. Obviously my condition was clearly evident due to the amount and position of the blood dripping from the bed. After waiting a further half an hour like this. I asked my Husband to pass my clothes as I felt humilated and uncared for. The nurse then hussled over and said I couldn't leave until I'd seen a Dr. (who were still laughing in the office). I told her I had no intention of staying to be subjected

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to this level of care. She huffed and puffed but eventually agreed to take out the venflon in my hand and tell the Dr I intended to leave - she miracurlously managed to materialise an empty curtain area for me to get dressed and said that my notes ?!? (what she could have possibly noted in the 3 minutes I'd spent with a nurse I don't know) would be sent up to the appropriate place for my surgery the following day. We left A&E at 4am having arrived at 11pm - still not having seen one of the Drs, who obviously thought their humorous chats had a far higher priorty than their patients.

When I arrived for my surgery the following day, no notes had been sent up, I had to explain what had happened the previous evening, and the nurse I relayed this to was absolutely shocked and advised me to speak to PALS. My blood loss had been so heavy as to require 2ft square incontinece pads folded and used as sanitary towels throughout the remainder of the evening. And yet not a single medical 'proffessional' had deemed this amount of blood loss as requiring my being seen by a Dr. within 5 hours!

I didn't contact PALS, as the whole experience was a nightmare I wanted to forget. But I was stunned to realise that the day bed I was assigned on the ward was located opposite and next to two ladies having terminations!! Such patient care, compassion and confidentiality is beyond belief. Needless to say that I wasn't offered any aftercare or counselling and had to seek this for myself.

I would definately not reccommend Treliske to anyone. However, I am now (happily) 8 months pregnant and have been told a hospital birth is my only option, as the only hospital within reach is Treliske I await my delivery with anxiousness!

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