"Really angry with the way i were treated yet again..."

About: South Tyneside District Hospital

This event happened a few months ago but it actually has occurred to me how badly i were treated at the south tyneside Childrens A&E department with my son. My son were screaming in agony in fits and there were obviously something unusually wrong with him, so i rang 111 after a few hours and they sent a doctor out but after the doctor left and 3 hours later we rang an ambulance because his screams were getting worse and fits of crying lasting for 30 minutes at a time. As soon as i got in the ambulance all they care about is this tiny bruise on his cheek which they kept questioning over again how it happened, i understand they must check just incase but he were a 14 month toddler who has been walking since he were 8 months and could even climb well at this age, and considering it were the only bruise ! so i got to the hospital and i were made to feel as if id committed a crime ! rather then trying to find his pain they kept mentioning the bruise on his cheek which were no bigger then a 5p coin and started measuring it and including the dry skin patch on his chest which he has had since birth ! while my little boy were having a play after an episode of screaming one of the nurses were asking me when he started walking, as you do i proudly said "8 month" and they actually told me "do you mean more like 10 months" erm no! lol Then after 5 hours i were told by a nurse they did tests and came back for a urine infection and it were a sign of relief that it wasnt serious and my little boy were finally going to be treated and we could go home. how wrong were i ! the doctor came back an hour later to tell me they didnt think it were a urine infection and that the doctor didnt see a reason to give him any antibiotics even when the nurse told me he had a water infection. and then the doctor went on to tell me they were going to get social services to get involved for the tiny bruise on his cheek and his dry skin patch which has been seen nemerous times by doctors in the past anyways. but luckily i demanded some antibotics for my son. just as well it took them not 24 hours like said for the lab results to come back but an amazing lengthy 2 weeks !! imagine if i were not givin antibiotics and made to go home? what more damage could have been caused because of the lack of belief in their other workers results ? and i think the doctor was just to ashamed to admit they were wrong about their assumions about child abuse and that there were a reason why he were screaming. we were there a total of 8 hours which felt like a life time of questions like id been abusing my son when all i wanted were him to feel better, Ill never go back again if i can help it, sunderland / RVI are so much better. and tbh the staff at south tyneside hospital need trained or re assessed as they are putting peoples health and wellbeing at risk. id for one never had social involved and my health visitor laughed at the letter which were sent its that stupid.

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